Safeguarding: It is our policy to keep clients safe when they are in the care of Venture Disability Care, however occasionally accidents and incidents will occur. We ensure that we comply with all legal and statutory requirements. Staff are First Aid Trained and hold a valid certificate. A first aid box is clearly labelled and accessible in the setting and any client medication will be stored correctly. A travel first aid kit will be taken on trips, along with any medication and care plans that clients require. Parents emergency contacts are held on the Venture Disability Care mobile phone. Paper copies of emergency contacts and care pans will be kept at the setting along with clients.

All activities and clients will be risk assessed. Staff will ensure that safe working practices are adhered to, encouraging clients to be independent and take responsibility for the safety of themselves and for others.

GDPR: Your privacy is important to us. To find out how we use and store data, please read our GDPR Privacy Policy.


Sickness: Clients who are unwell, contagious or have a high temperature are not allowed into the setting to ensure that we keep the other clients in our care safe and well. If you are unsure if your person can attend, please speak to staff before bringing them in. If in doubt, please refer to the general illness guidance below.